Happy Customers

Tensor IT provides our company with great service at a great price. It’s amazing to have an expert resource to design custom software locally at such a reasonable price. They took the time to meet with us to fully understand every aspect of what we needed. We are confident that our computers and software systems are in good hands.Kyle Visser, Owner, Shred Aware LLC
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Tensor IT. NCF has secured services of Tensor IT for all of our IT needs. Over the years we have had other IT companies and were continually frustrated with the lack of technical knowledge and slow response. Our relationship with Tensor IT is a complete reversal of our past technical support organizations. Their staff have met or exceeded our expectations. Their response times to our needs have been exceptional. Their team operates a knowledgeable, courteous, professional company. We at NCF are finally in the hands of professional technicians and I have all the confidence that we picked the best team for our company. I do not hesitate to recommend Tensor IT. I consider NCF and the north coast very fortunate to have this high quality company as a member of our business community.Tim Crowley Sr., Owner, North Coast Fabricators

I work for Wing Inflatables as the production manager; I supervise over 30 employees that have been using the Tensor RFID system Tensor IT created. We have been using Tensor IT’s RFID for a year now and have been very happy with the system. During the initial setup of the system they were able to quickly implement different modifications to their existing system. They have been very helpful in adapting the system to a format that works amazing with our companies policies and procedures. They have been very receptive to these adaptations of the system and have implemented these changes in a timely manner. The interface that I use to audit the daily data has also allowed for easier access to the data throughout the day and month. They have created templates and reports for us to be able to quickly and easily check the accuracy of the data that we enter each day at the end of the days shift. I am still amazed that I can instantly pull up data on what an individual employee is doing at that exact moment and go and see if that is actually what process they are physically doing. I have already recommended this system to several other companies in the area due to the success and adaptability of this system in our company.Matt Runyan, Production Manager

When our in-house IT guy moved on, we searched around for someone to take his place. We found that Tensor IT could offer us a higher level of service for a lower cost. Their pricing package is simple and easy to understand. The flat rate put us at ease that our costs would be under control. The guys have been great. They have fixed numerous issues that have plagued us for months. They are very responsive and highly skilled. I recommend this service to any business of any size.Patrick Kanzler, General Manager Humboldt Wholesale

Eureka Payments contracted with Tensor IT for set-up of our new office network. They completed the work at our office on time and were extremely professional. During the install they referenced several areas where our systems needed to be upgraded or altered to ensure smooth operation and heightened security. Impressed by their knowledge and professionalism, we made the decision to utilize Tensor IT for ALL our IT needs. Their pricing is far below the competition, yet their knowledge is on par or beyond those I have worked with in the past. I highly recommend Tensor IT for ANY local business who values the technology and security of their computer systems. (Take a look at their maintenance plan…. You will be glad you did)Steve Kimberling, EVP Eureka Payments, LLC

I have known and worked with Tensor IT since 2008. Their intellect and knowledge is only overmatched by their friendly can do attitude and ability to understand the simplest or complex systems. I am the Brewery Manager at Lost Coast Brewery with over 16,000 beer kegs in circulation throughout the United States. They were able to write a program for me to track and monitor our cooperage at any given stop, helping to reduce loss and increase our keg returns by 25% the first year. I highly recommend Tensor IT. They are professional, highly skilled, fast and efficient for any IT needs you may have.Mike Smith, Production Manager Lost Coast Brewery

Big Brother Big Sisters of the North Coast has been working with Tensor IT for almost a year. During this time, they have been an extremely valuable resource in assisting us with all our IT networking and support needs. Not only have they guided us with our future infrastructure planning, they have gone out of their way to keep costs within our tight budget while also finding the best hardware and software suited to our organization. Additionally, the support technicians have been professional and patient with those of us who are not computer savvy. Tensor IT provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective IT support by really nice people. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing their services.Christine Miller, Executive Director

Our Internet stopped working during peak store hours and a technician from Tensor IT showed up quickly and fixed it. We didn’t even have to call them! Apparently they get a notification on their system when their clients’ internet is having trouble. It’s comforting to know that I can focus on my business and not have to worry about computers, routers and internet connection. I’m too busy making money to think about that.Mantova Brothers, Owners, Two Street Music

My Name is Michael Connerley and I own Antich Automotive. We have a server system with 7 work stations which we have out grown. We came into contact with Tensor IT first through BNI business group and then as a customer. We found them to be very knowledgeable and affable. As our need for a new server system grew, they came in and evaluated our computing needs. They developed a plan and built the machine that they recommended for our system. I expressed my concerns, from my past experiences, of the problems that are inherent with the software and programs that we use. We have several very sophisticated, proprietary, subscription programs that do not respond well to changes in hardware. They contacted each provider with a series of questions and documented a plan to make the change with no down time. I told them that I expected some down time but they assured me that they felt strongly that they could do it with little if any. Their plan was to come in at close on Saturday and work till the system was in place and operating (sometime Sunday morning). I was skeptical but with their confidence and follow through I decided to go for it. The technician put a lot of time into preparation and pre-installation work. As planned he and his coworker came in at close on Saturday and worked until just before midnight (earlier than projected). They were entrusted with being in our facility without any shop personnel present. On Sunday I came in to find the system fully functional. We experienced none of the expected problems that I had experienced in the past. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS with the sophisticated subscription programs at all. Every work station was up and running with no downtime!! I am very impressed with Tensor IT. The cost was less than they projected and they reduced the bill accordingly. I HIGHLY recommend Tensor IT to anyone with a computing need of any kind. They are the best I have ever done business with.Michael J Connerley, Owner, Antich Automotive