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By partnering with Tensor IT, you get access to our fully managed network solutions and a team of network professionals that will design, deliver and manage your network from start to finish. Our expert team is capable of preventing, diagnosing and solving issues on your network. We can suggest improvements to IT, broadband, WiFi, and server infrastructures when required.

We install clean integrated network points, sophisticated IP telephony, and add secure wireless access points. In addition we monitor all qualified LAN/WAN/ISP paths, regularly reporting on network health statistics such as jitter, packet loss, packet re-ordering, propagation, delay, RTT, MTU, MOS scores, QoS changes, and more. Routine monitoring allows you to stay one step ahead of any potential issues that could impact your network. By preparing you to tackle these issues when they are small, minimizing downtime and mitigating the extent of the damage.

Tensor IT integrates your complete network so everyday workflow is as clean and seamless as possible.

Our managed service plans come standard with IT Infrastructure features such as: