Behind the Name

Tensor IT is locally owned and operated in Humboldt County, CA. Our team is comprised of seasoned IT professionals who support customers ranging in size from 3 to 250 computers.

Tensor delivers custom software solutions to augment existing systems and improve a business’s workflow. Systems such as timekeeping, employee productivity, and inventory tracking systems have been developed to meet our customer’s needs. Contact us today to find out how Tensor can help your company’s bottom line.

The combined IT experience of our technicians exceeds 100 years and our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to offer fantastic IT services to businesses at very reasonable rates.

Our Vision

Create a reliable, predictable revenue stream supported by highly-satisfied clients. Empowering every person in every industry to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Create a worry-free computing environment that promotes peace of mind. Deliver cost effective, appropriate solutions, and leave things nicer than we found them.

Our Values

We strive to be completely open, honest, ethical. Dedicated to building long term partnerships with our clients by earning trust and cultivating relationships.